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Charlotte Dickinson

Currently Exhibiting:

The 20th National Juried Exhibition of the American Impressionist Society at the Salmagundi Club, 5th Avenue New York City, NY September 2019
(This is the Home Base, the first American Impressionist artists, who studied abroad

with Monet, Pissaro and the other French Impressionists.)

As a young artist - Gallery Owner, Charlotte Cecconi Dickinson traveled to NYC and the Salmagundi Club to view the master works of the Impressionists.
Never dreaming that some day to have a painting hang there.

Years later, after studying extensivly with Charles Movalli and William Schultz,
both Master Artists she founded the American Impressionist Society
a national organization of professional artists.  She felt there was a need to bring

American Impressionism to the American people again.

Her goal was for the AIS to become "THE" viable measure of collectable 
American Impressionist Art of this Century...Helping artists reach their career goals by sharing valuable information and having national exposure of their work.

​​Charlotte Dickinson 

Founder and Past President 

Charlotte Dickinson

Founder and Past President

Charlotte Dickinson started painting at an early age, inspired by professional artists and sculptors in her family. For 27 years, she opened and operated a gallery in the beautiful Endless Mountain Area of Pennsylvania. She has been painting and teaching for more then 65 years. I have studied with many fine artists over the years but credit William Schultz and Charles Movalli with "showing me the light." My love for painting is a result of a great appreciation of nature and the beauty around me.  I love to work in different mediums. Each subject lends itself to a special technique.     


American Impressionism: The Genre Of Our Time

With a solid background in drawing, composition and color theory, she now devotes her entire professional life to the challenge of the effects of light on form through color. The idea of space and filtered light indeed exemplifies her work today. Her paintings are a life long interest in the work of Cezanne and the Impressionists. She felt there was a need for an organization for the finest Impressionist artists of today. In 1998, she founded the American Impressionist Society in honor of her mentor William Schultz, Master Artist, and has spent the last 20 years with the support of T.R. Dickinson, Marjorie Bradley, Pauline Ney and many volunteers to bring the finest venues to our members. The effort has brought this idea to fruition The AIS is now one of the finest Art Organizations in the United States.

Currently exhibiting in the U.S. and Canada, being best known for her landscapes, still life, floral and multi canvas conceptual painting in oil and watercolor.

Published in many art magazines